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DreamSpace Lifecycle

The DreamSpace Lifecycle Programme is an 18-month journey that reshapes young lives, guiding them fromaspiring changemakers to impactful entrepreneurs and leaders. The transformative process unfolds acrossfive key stages.

Changemaker Discovery

The program commences with interdisciplinary workshops, identifying passionate individuals who aspire tocreate positive change. These changemakers come from diverse backgrounds and share a common drive to addressreal-world challenges.


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Challenge-based Learning

Once identified, participants embark on a journey of skill acquisition. They engage in labs spanning various disciplines, from photography to bio-technology. Through this, they uncover their unique domain of expertise, laying the foundation for their transformative journey.

Grassroots Innovation

Armed with specialized skills, changemakers venture into their communities for immersive research. This stage involves identifying pressing local challenges that they feel compelled to address. Their innovations stem from real-world needs, ensuring relevance and impact.

Domain Expertise

Collaboration with international experts propels participants to refine their solutions further. By combining global insights with local context, they develop solutions that are both innovative and practical, bridging the gap between vision and execution.

Impact-Venture Building

The program culminates in the development of sustainable impact ventures. Changemakers transition from concepts to reality, building tangible solutions that balance their social missions with financial viability. This phase empowers them to address challenges head-on while ensuring their projects can sustainably scale.