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A multipurpose digital fabrication machine to empower the local manufacturing
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Global top 10 CNC machine tools companies in Mazak from Japan ranked first with 5.28 billion, German company TRUMPF ranked second with 4,2billiun. The top 10 list is occupied by Japan,Germany and the United states.

Trumpf was founded in 1923 by christian trumpf in stuttgart, Germany He opened a flexible shaft company , which was the predecessor of the trumbf group After integrating laser technology in to trumpf is product line it has brought about more than 30 years of continuous development and growth At present , trumpf group mainly produces various types of lasers and laser processing machine tools , as wall and cnc punching and bending machine tools.


The motivation that I got from Aravinth Panch, co-founder of DreamSpace. designed an araBot is a multipurpose digital fabrication machine based on existing open source designs.

Environment awareness machinearaBot is capable of doing CNC Milling, 3D Printing, PCB Milling, Laser Engraving & Cutting, Vinyl Cutting, Plotting and Food Printing. Therefore, it is able to do subtractive and additive fabrication with endless possibilities.




The arts like sculpturing, drawing and welding, face many difficulties to carry out their profession as that consumes more time and money. If we take our community this is the most major problem in our community and the most important problem is the lack of proper technical facilities to encourage young innovators in the community based environment. Innovators face the greatest challenges in designing and obtaining the desired shape themselves based on their need and furthering their invention.

To design 4*2 feet dimension sculpture they face many difficulties. They need to go to the outer districts and spend around more than 30,000/-. Though they spend this much time and effort , finally they cannot get the output they want. The sculptor needs nearly 2-3 days to complete a single sculpture. And the unemployed young people don’t come forward to take over the art as a full time profession due to lack of adequate facilities to pursue it. Because of all these difficulties the art form of sculpting is getting extinct. So they all need that the art form should be carried throughout their generation to generation, but without the difficulties that they face now itself.


Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka increased. The graph of the unemployment in Sri Lanka for the past 7 years shows a huge increase. It is a major problem that we face. Unemployment leads to bad criminal activities.



DreamBot is a multipurpose digital fabrication machine based on existing open source designs.Therefore, this technology will be able to meet the needs under one roof without having to meet the needs of all the three technologies separately.

Those who benefit from it cannot be seen as narrow-minded as specific individuals. Those who do not read this normally are interested in self-employment. It will create jobs and opportunities for many.This technology will be a great motivator for them to further their art and their culture in the sculptural era.Will young generations of young inventors be able to make their discoveries in the future using the ubiquitous technological machine Technical universities will be able to learn what technical colleges can afford.So mainly young inventors are like us.

Time efficient

The machine that I am planning to design saves the time as it is gathering all the three essential technologies together. The technologies are wood cutting, laser cutting and 3D printers.

Employment opportunities

It will give a solution to unemployment, as it could create a new career. And the young generation can find their own business. It encourages entrepreneurships as well.

Cost effective

It reduces the cost to buy modernized furniture and sculptures as by using the modern technology it produces cost effective outputs. So consumers will come forward to buy,so the business also will get developed.

User friendly

Though it includes many modern technologies, it is a very user friendly machine. And it will definitely be helpful to the future young generation and industries.


Jerushan Sritharan is a young innovator from Sri Lanka, who is very interested in CNC technology and in the pursuit of accessing a multidisciplinary scientific infrastructure that provides support for research, innovation and training, in the art of sculpting. By designing this we can reinvent our ancient art and enable access to technology knowledge through this. It could give a helping hand as creating career opportunities in the long run.

To reinforce his innovative thinking, He joined a Grassroots Innovation center called DreamSpace Academy in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka and he have been gaining the necessary Maker skills to develop & produce electronics, mechanics and software.

After finishing his higher secondary school in 2017, He was in search of completing his plan of building a CNC machine. But to develop his plan he was lacking financial support. Still he didn’t lose my hope and he have followed a course and completed it. Afterwards now he found the correct place, DreamSpace in Batticaloa, to develop his plan and his knowledge in this field.

By further developing the system we can develop 3D printing, woodcutting, laser engraving into 3 in 1 device, and make the work easy and minimize the time consumption as well. It will help the younger generation to develop their knowledge and create new career opportunities too. So he is planning to design and construct the 3 in 1 system and going to sell it to a reasonable price. Hence, He is requesting the help of international & local organizations and individuals to empower him in this endeavor, where he makes sure that our young generation can make a big difference!!!

This innovation collects SDG Badges of

  • DreamSpace Academy
    Supporting Youth Education

    UN SDG 4

    Technology gave birth to machine-based knowledge and its operation

  • DreamSpace Academy
    Economic Development

    UN SDG 8

    Carrying out commercial development through CNC technology

  • DreamSpace Academy
    Environmental Preservation Technology

    UN SDG 9

    Manufactured machinery related to environmental protection