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Why do we do what we do?

Three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka caused a massive impact on socio-economics and environmental ecosystems

The international aids provided significant support, but imported solutions couldn't solve fundamental socio-economics and local problems sustainably

We set out to empower locals to solve
complex local challenges !!!

Who are we?

DreamSpace Academy is a community innovation centre to tackle complex local socio-economic and environmental challenges with challenge-based learning

What is our mission?

We are a non-profit social enterprise with a perfect balance between the social mission and the business venture, to achieve sustainable development goals by empowering the underprivileged communities and protecting the environmental ecosystems in Sri Lanka

What are our activities?

Small business ventures help us to financially sustain our social mission

How do we empower?

Our core activity is the personalised empowerment, also called as DreamSpace Lifecycle

What capacities do we build?

Our labs provide multidisciplinary workshops in anything from photography to biotechnology
  • Electronics Lab
    For those who are fascinated by robots, to develop practical skills for building anything from circuits to humanoid robotics

  • Software Lab
    For those who crave for digital adrenaline, to gain practical experience on coding anything from apps to cloud computing

  • Mechanics Lab
    For those who shift their brain gears, to gather practical skills for anything mechanical design to digital fabrication

  • Business Lab
    For those with entrepreneurial mindset, to acquire practical knowledge for maximizing the growth of business ventures

  • Art Lab
    For those with genuine creative imagination, to build practical skill set for composing anything from photographs to rhythms

  • Bio Lab
    For those who want to get their hands wet with BioHacking, to build practical dexterity on BioTechnology

  • Story Lab
    For those who are fascinated by immersive narratives, to gain storytelling skillset for communicating complex details to common audience
  • Space Lab
    For those who look upwards into the endless universes, to gain hands-on knowledge astronomy, space exploration, aviation and drone technology
  • Policy Lab
    For those who are driven by systems change, to gain hands-on knowledge on co-creation of national and regional policies reforms
  • Nano Lab
    For those who have the finest mind to fiddle with molecule-scale structures, to build practical dexterity on NanoTechnology
  • Fabrics Lab
    For those who are intrigued by the interlocking patterns, to gain practical training on fashion technology and digital textiles fabrication
  • Edible Lab
    For those who are amazed by the flavours of natural food, to earn the necessary skills to create a nutritious, prebiotic and probiotic diet
  • Mind Lab
    For those who crave for the balance between the mind and the body, to harness the power of Mindfulness, Heartfulness and Kriya Yoga
  • Language Lab
    For those who are passionate about tossing tongue-twisting words, to become a true global citizen with proficiency in international & local languages

What are our innovative projects?

Community innovations are our responses to the complex local challenges

What are the awards under our belt?

Our achievements at international to national competitions & recognitions

Who is talking about us?

Our appearances on international & national press

What are we up to?

Our timeline of notable activities, achievements, milestones & public appearances