Who are we?

DreamSpace Academy is a Community Innovation Center to tackle authentic local socio-economic and environmental challenges using Project & Challenge Based Learning.

What do we do?

Our mission to empower creative minds through Maker Education, to create innovative solutions using Open Innovations, and ultimately leading them to become successful Social Entrepreneurs.

What are we?

We are a Non-profit Social Enterprise that keeps the balance between the Social Mission and the Business Venture to ensure Sustainability, with the help of international & local organisations and individuals.

How do we do?

  • Maker

    Our academic operation for project based learning with multidisciplinary workshops
 to build practical skills

  • Community

    Our research and development operation for innovating local solutions to tackle authentic local challenges

  • International

    Our co-creation operation with international partners to expand our visibility and knowledge base

  • Social

    Our business operation to productize our local solutions for creating socio-economic development

Maker Education

  • Electronics Lab
    For those are fascinated by robots, to build practical techniques for building anything from circuits to humanoid robotics
    6+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Software Lab
    For those who want to master digital world, to build practical experience for coding anything from apps to cloud computing

    8+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Mechanics Lab
    For those who want to shift their brain gears, to build practical skills for mechanical design and digital fabrication

    12+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Business Lab
    For those who have entrepreneurial mindset, to build practical knowledge for maximizing growth of the business venture

    16+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Design Lab
    For those born with an eye for beauty, to build practical expertise on multimedia design and production

    16+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Art Lab
    For those with genuine creative imagination, to build practical skill set for composing anything from photographs to rhythms

    16+ Years old
    24+ Hours
  • Wet Lab Coming Soon
    For those who want to get their hands wet with BioHacking, to build practical dexterity on BioTechnology
    18+ Years old
    24+ Hours