DreamSpace Academy is a Community Innovation Center with a mission to empower creative minds through Maker Education and Open Innovation, ultimately enabling them to become successful Social Entrepreneurs.

Our trainings and community projects are focused on tackling local Socio-Economic and Environmental challenges through Project Based Learning.

We are a Social Enterprise funded by various international organisations. However, we sustain ourselves from the reasonable contributions of the families of our trainees

The four pillars

  • Project Based Learning

    Learn efficiently with a hands-on project solving real-life challenges

  • Community Innovation

    Innovate together with our community tackling social and environmental problems

  • International Collaboration

    Mentorship with international experts and partnerships with international institutions and universities

  • Entrepreneurship

    Turn your ideas into products and create sustainable businesses


  • Maker Education
    Turn your innovative ideas into real prototypes by learning electronics, mechanics, firmware, software…

    14+ Years old
    64+ Hours
  • Design Thinking
    It’s about creating a user-centric mindset! - A methodology that you can use to tackle nearly any problem...

    12+ Years old
    28+ Hours
  • Instrumental music
    Your first steps playing Instruments, understanding rythm and harmony...

    12+ Years old
    64+ Hours
  • Information Technology
    Learn how bits and bytes of the digital world influence the planet Earth and beyond...
    12+ Years old
    64+ Hours
  • Access Programme
    Learn at early age soft skills that positively influence character and future career...

    8 to 14 Years old
    28+ Hours
  • Studies of Languages
    Learn languages and and speak with confidence to the world...

    14+ Years old
    64+ Hours